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My Painting Story

Hi There - 
 I must admit, I am a craft-a-holic!
I have spent most of my life working on different projects; I bake, cook, paint, sew, draw, scrapbook, Bible art journal, stamp, build and do anything artsy that I can get my hands on! Then one day I stumbled across door hangers on Instagram and I was hooked! Not only did I discover a side of painting that I had not known before, I also got to get my hands on power tools! Up until this point, any project I concocted, my hubby was in charge of sawing, cutting and drilling. Not anymore, he taught me how to use all of these tools and now I do all of these tasks myself and I LOVE it! I feel like Superwoman!
 I am painting daily and creating a new life that I am obsessed with!
It feels like a dream come true to start a business doing something that I am passionate about!
Through this journey, my husband of 36 years, our 3 grown children and their spouses along with our 6 grandlittles have been cheering me on!
I truly believe I am the luckiest person in the world! 
I hope that you will join me in my addiction and start creating your own door hangers by ordering blanks or booking parties so I can teach you to love painting too! If you don't want to paint, then I hope my painted door hangers will brighten your home and you can smile knowing that they were created with love!
Much Love to All!