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Gnome Shrubs

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snowflake gnome shrubTurn Your Shrubs Into Whimsical Gnomes!

What a cute idea to brighten up your winter landscaping! Celebrate the winter season and Valentine's Day with this simple decorating idea using just a few items!

valentines shrub gnome

 valentines day shrub gnome

Create these happy fellas in about an hour!

All you need is a glue gun and some cable ties - no sewing needed!

shrub gnome supplies

Supply List

Tomato Cage - I used a 42" cage. Size will depend on the size of shrub.

Felt - This gnome used about 1 1/2 yards for his hat and about 1 yard for his mittens.

Nylon Knee High


Cable Ties

Decoration for him to hold. The hearts are from the Dollar Tree and the snowflake is actually one of A-Door-Able's designs.

Hot Glue/Gun




Ready, Set, Create!

step 1

Lay the tomato cage on top of the felt. 

step 2

Secure the 3 wires at the top of the tomato cage using a cable tie and then reinforce with a good dollop of hot glue.


Fold the felt over the bottom wire of the cage and secure with hot glue. Continue gluing all around the bottom. Once that is completed, fold the felt over the side wires and hot glue together on one side. Then move to the other side and hot glue the remainder of the felt to the folded over felt that has already been attached to the tomato cage.


Gather the felt at the top of the cage and cut about 4 inches or so from the top wires.


Tie the excess felt tightly together using a piece of twine.


Ta-Da! Just like that, you have a gnome hat!

A gnome is not a gnome without a nose!

Guess what! The nose making is even easier that making his hat!


Grab the nylon knee highs, stuffing, scissors and some cable ties and we are ready to give him some character!


Using the stuffing, fill the knee high leaving about 3" in the toe area. Stuff away until you create a big ole nose.


Pull both ends of the knee high together to form a ball and secure with a cable tie.


Cut a small hole into the bottom of the felt hat and use another cable tie to secure it. Then use hot glue to give the top of the nose a little extra hold.

Nose Completed!

Now on to the mittens!


Fold a yard of felt in half. With a marker, draw a mitten.


Cut the set of mittens out and then trace one of the mittens on the remaining portion of the felt and repeat the process.


You will now have 2 sets (4 pieces) of mittens.


Use the gun and hot glue two pieces of the mitten together leaving about 5" near the bottom unglued and open. 

19      21

Open the unglued section and turn the mitten "inside-out".

22.      24

Use the stuffing and fill the mitten. Find the opening, fold the felt inward and hot glue together to seal.

24.     26

Poke a small hole into the the base and at the top of the mitten. Insert a cable tie into each hole but do not close it yet.

Repeat the process to create the second mitten.

Grab all your gnome parts, the decorations and some extra cable ties and head outside to assemble your new friend!

Place the hat on the shrub first, pull it down as low as it can go and then secure in the back using a cable tie.

Next, add the decoration using as many cable ties as needed.

Lastly, add the mittens with the cable ties that are already attached.  Place them as if they are holding the decorations and put them in the "thumbs up" position!

I hope that you have enjoyed this little project and I would love for you to share your own creations on our Facebook page.

Please leave me your feedback in the comment section below too!

And remember....

There's No Place Like Gnome!








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