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Let's Create a Valentine's Tiered Tray

Valentine's tiered tray

valentines day tiered tray

Cupid is Calling!

Celebrate this special LOVE DAY with this adoorable Valentine's Tiered Tray!

Think back to elementary school and the excitement of getting all of those cute little Valentine's cards!  Or how about middle school and the butterflies you felt when that special someone asked you to the Valentine's Day School Dance! Then there was high school and the V-Day date night that warmed your heart!

As adults, we still enjoy Valentine's Day but the sparkle of the occasion may have faded a bit over time. Well, this love themed tray will reignite all of those fireworks that you used to feel and light up your February!

Tray Time!

 Just in case you haven't gotten a tiered tray yet, hop back over to the post about building the Winter Tiered Tray to discover where to buy one at.

Gifts for You!

Each tiered tray theme may have FREE downloadable/printable templates that will help you make some projects. They are available to you as long as you have signed up for the A-Door-Able Hangers' Email List. Once you have joined, the templates will be automatically sent to you as the become available!

Sign-up once and create all year long! In addition, you will also receive a 10% off code to use at A-Door-Able Hangers!

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It's Time for Fun! Ready, Set, Create!

Head on over to my YouTube Channel and craft along with 3 How-To projects including Decoupage Hearts, Sock Gnomes and Dice Word Blocks. The Gnomes and Word Blocks can be used for many different themes throughout the year!
Below is a complete list of supplies to create those projects. Most of the items can be found at the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, local craft stores, Target, Walmart and Amazon too. I am a Prime Girl so Amazon is usually my go-to and I am addicted much to the disappointment of my hubby, Big T! ;)
***I have included some links to Amazon items. If you choose to purchase those, I do receive a small commission at no extra charge to you :)
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diy sock gnomes, gnomes, gnome projects

These cuties can be made for every holiday, season or occasion and they will definitely make you smile! 

Dollar Tree

Men's White Socks

Mop Head

Microfiber Duster/Mop Head



Small Rubber Hair Ties


Jute Twine

Hobby Lobby

Scrapbook Embellishments

Craft Fur - If you use craft fur, always cut from the backside with a razor. NEVER use scissors! Also, make sure that the fur will be hanging downwards! Nothing like an upside down beard to ruin the fun!



Wood Beads 3/4"  - I make a lot of Gnomes so I buy in bulk. You can make a Gnome for every month of you tiered tray displays and also give them as gifts! As an extra... use these beads for garland too!

Wool Felt Balls 3/4"

Felt - You can buy felt at the Dollar Tree or any craft store. I prefer to get mine from Amazon because they have very soft colors that I adore :) I also use these colors for succulents and flowers (these will be upcoming for some other trays)

Finger Protectors - I am so thankful for the day that I discovered these! No more burns and scars!

There are many places that you can find themed socks. However, I love the choices on Amazon and I can lay in bed at night and find just what I am looking for! Plus, I will be displaying Gnomes in many of my tiered trays so I am just giving you a heads-up if you'd like to get your supplies in advance. Me? I am a planner! lol And don't forget, each sock will make 1 Gnome! So you will have enough noses and bodies to make lots!

Valentine's Socks

St. Patty's Day Socks

Easter Socks

Other Supplies

Hot Glue Gun (This is my favorite gun ever and you can see how used it is!)

Template for Hat - Sign-up Here to join the email list and get your FREE template!




These easy-to-make blocks can be used for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and the Fourth of July!

Dollar Tree

2 Sets of Foam Dice - Find them in the toy aisle.

Mod Podge - I prefer the matte finish but any kind will do

Foam Pouncers or Make-Up Sponge

Foam Brush


Waverly Chalk Paint in White and Elephant

Other Supplies

Black Paint Marker - I use these Uni Posca Paint Pens on almost all of my projects! This is a set that has all of my fav colors in my favorite size!

Word Block Templates - FREE for signing-up for our email list! 



DECoupage hearts diy

Dollar Tree

Tissue Paper

Mod Podge

Foam Brush


Hearts - Found by the craft supplies. There are 4 in the pack but I only used 2 for this project.



BOOK stack diy

Dollar Tree

3 Mini Address Books

Heart Stickers


Jute Twine



candle and beads diy

Dollar Tree

Jute Twine

Heart Sticker

Heart Door Hanger


Candle - Target Dollar Spot

Mini Tree - Target Dollar Spot

Hobby Lobby

Scrapbook Keys

*For the garland - String beads on jute twine. For the tassel, wrap around 3 fingers about 10-12 times and tie with an additional piece of twine. Leave on end looped and cut the other. Attach to bead garland.


frame and arrow

Dollar Tree

Heart Stickers

Small Box Fram

Mod Podge

Wood Arrow

Foam Brush

Hobby Lobby

Scrapbook Keys

Scrapbook Paper

***Using the technique for the Decoupage Hearts, attach paper with Mod Podge and then apply an additional coat over the project. (Ignore the picture with white paint. I didn't end up using the paint in this project). Attach hearts and key after the Mod Podge is completely dried.



birdhouse diy

Dollar Tree

Wood Birdhouse

Heart Stickers

Jute Twine

Additional Supplies

White and Black Paint

Black Permanent Marker 

Hot Glue Gun


mug flowers diy

Dollar Tree

Coffee Mug

Rubbing Alcohol & Cotton Balls - Use to clean mug prior to applying decals.

Wall Decal

Foam Block

Paper Filling (I did not use the moss) - Use to cover foam in cup.

Heart Headband - Remove the hearts and thread onto dowels

Dowels (not pictured) 

Hobby Lobby



Dollar Tree

Wall Decal from Coffee Cup Arrangement

Target Dollar Spot



Make this tray uniquely yours!

Take a look around your house for some goodies to give this Valentine's Day Tiered Tray your own personality! Maybe you even have some trinkets saved from your true love! Wouldn't that be so cool to add those? Happy Valentine's Day my Adoorable Friends! Love you all!

Happy Crafting to you! Please head on over to my Facebook page and share your ADOORABLE creations for all to see!


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